The cashless society is Big Government’s end game for absolute control over everyone

The end game of the federal government is to enslave all the people of the United States.

This is not some crazed conspiracy theory – this is something that is totally obvious once you look at the evidence that continues to pile up in support of the belief. By continuing to pass laws and regulations that make it increasingly difficult for average Americans to succeed in both life and business, the feds ensure that people will never truly be able to break free unless they want them to do so.

So what is the easiest way for the powers that be to keep all of us locked down? Many believe that by enabling the cashless society they have quietly been inching towards that goal for quite some time now.

In an article published in The Daily Sheeple, Dylan Charles writes, “To some, convenience and trendiness are the greatest selling points of a digital currency, but in order to make it obligatory for everyone, there must be a public safety threat included in the sales pitch, so that the government can claim that it is acting in our best interests when they force us to accept a digital currency.”

Should we be forced into a cashless society like the globalists desire, there would be virtually nothing preventing them from imprisoning us. When you have cold, hard, physical cash money, the government has a much more difficult time prying it from your hands than if it were digital currency. A cashless society operated by the federal government is significantly different to Bitcoin, a currency that has been supported by many libertarians and conservatives.

Regardless of how you view the legitimacy of Bitcoin, everyone should be investing in precious metals like silver and gold instead of merely in paper money. Should the economy collapse completely, the dollar will become virtually worthless. If you don’t have any other valuable assets, the results could be devastating. Considering the current state of the world today, there is very little standing between us and the inevitable societal collapse.

Should it arrive in the coming days, weeks or months, you will most definitely need something to barter and trade in order to make life in a crumbling world safer and more secure. The last thing you will want to have done should this happen is to have given in to the federal government’s ridiculous cashless society scam. Do not make that mistake, folks; you will live to regret it if you do.


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