Left-wing media editor tells parents to buy erotic vibrators for their children

The “Lifestyle” editor of the United Kingdom-based news outlet Metro recently published a hideous op-ed column chastising parents who don’t sexualize their children at a young age.

According to Ellen Scott, it’s perfectly appropriate for parents to purchase sex toys for their underage tots. She further believes that parents who don’t introduce their little ones to erotica objects are bad parents who need to be called out for withholding the joys of sex from their children.

In her column, Scott tries to argue that parents have a “responsibility” to make sure their children’s “entirely normal exploration of their sexuality is safe, healthy, enjoyable, and in their own hands.” She goes on to suggest that parents have a duty to introduce their children to “the concept of self pleasure.”

“[I’m not] talking about getting your son a Fisher Price version of a sex doll or presenting your daughter with an eight inch strap-on on her eighth birthday,” the foul-mouthed feminist wrote. Instead, Scott would rather see parents give their little boys “masturbation sleeves,” and their daughters “vibrating bullets.”

These are somehow less offensive in Scott’s mind, and represent perfectly normal gifts – perhaps for a birthday or wrapped inside a box with a pretty bow under the Christmas tree. This is apparently what Scott does within her own family, seeing as how she devoted an entire piece in the paper she works for to advocating for this type of child abuse.

Feminist pigs like Ellen Scott do not belong in mass media

Having since been pulled from the Metro.co.uk website in response to public outrage following its publishing, the original article by Scott can no longer be viewed online. But several media outlets were quick to cover it before it was pulled, highlighting the dirty details of what apparently passes for news these days.

In defending her outlandish position, Scott actually tried to claim that children who discover their sexuality without having it thrust in their faces by their parents are somehow at risk of self-harm. And some children have actually had to be hospitalized as a result, she claims.

“When teenagers aren’t taught about masturbation – how to do it, what feels good, that it’s normal – and given the tools to try it, they reach for whatever objects they think might do the trick,” Scott claims.

Back in the old days, parents would carefully and with dignity explain to their young children how sex works, and how they should go about doing it, typically from a position of moral conviction. But in Scott’s version, it’s all about raunch and shock – and if you don’t agree with her, then you’re a failure as a parent.

“It’s a parent’s responsibility to bring up masturbation and give young people the tools they may need to do it safely, because if they don’t, they’re failing to equip their children for a positive relationship with sex,” she insists.

And to think that people like this are in charge of instructing students at many of our nation’s public schools? It sure makes a solid case for homeschooling, doesn’t it?

It’s hard to say which is more evil: This type of ideology or the continued transgender assault against children being waged by the cult of LGBT. Both agendas seem to have the same endgame: to corrupt the minds of children as early as possible by sexualizing them at a very young age.

“Some parents might be worried about how their kids are performing in school, whether they’re socializing properly, or getting enough exercise,” comments Joe Simonson from The Daily Caller.

“Yet, Scott is asking parents the big questions like:

‘Do you not want your children to masturbate, ever? Do you want them to have an unsatisfying sex life? Don’t you want to make sure they explore what makes them feel good in a healthy, safe way?’ she wrote.”

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