Former Antifa left-wing terrorist abandons insanity and joins the real world as a reformed conservative

Many people who adopt leftist ideology do so as a reaction to something else. Perhaps it was a conservative upbringing gone awry that led them to the tenets of Marxism, or bad experiences with fellow conservatives that caused the pendulum to swing wildly in the other direction politically. Whatever the case may be, there are many triggers that cause people to become radicalized, which begs the question: Are the tables ever turned, and do leftists ever depart from their brainwashing to become conservatives?

This is what happened to a man named Steve who was recently interviewed by Freedomain Radio’s Stefan Molyneux. Steve is a former Antifa-style anarchist who was a poster boy for the extreme left of today. In 2011 he joined the “Occupy” movement, and yet five years later had such a transformation of heart that he actually voted for Donald Trump for president.

Explaining to Molyneux his torrid journey out of leftism, Steve offers a glimpse into a type of transformation that’s rarely spoken of in the media, but one that does, indeed, happen to some leftists whose eyes become opened to the truth. Steve describes his departure from the “Radical Left” in a positive and enlightening way, emphasizing that he hopes many others will “de-hypnotize themselves” from the siren’s call of leftist ideology.

What many of today’s leftists fail to realize, Steve explains, is that this deceptive belief system is tainted by an extensive history of oppression. Such oppression includes property confiscation, major human rights violations, and mass murder – all things that the millennials of today claim to be fighting by supporting leftist ideology.

Divide, conquer and destroy: the ultimate endgame of radical leftism

Lured into leftist thinking with promises of equality and prosperity for all, leftist adherents often adopt pie-in-the-sky ideas about what destroying the “evil” systems of capitalism will bring to their lives. Since many of them come from rough childhoods, as was the case with Steve, “Big Brother” becomes an almost literal big brother, or pseudo-parent, who steps in to fill the gap.

But little do many of them know that it’s all just a ploy to usher in totalitarianism. For the few like Steve who actually take the time to look back into the history of socialism and communism, it becomes clear that the leftist agenda is about none of the things that it claims to be on its surface. It all starts with extreme identity politics, which escalates into major societal divisions that allow for government tyrants to swoop in and seize more power.

In today’s America, this has manifested as an almost manic obsession with issues regarding race, gender identity, and sexuality. Society is being fragmented into as many pieces as possible, with a more recent emphasis on erasing American history to deliver the final death blow.

It’s a very ugly picture of where everything is heading, and one that Steve says he ran as far away from as possible once he learned the truth. Leftism, plain and simple, is about dividing, conquering, and ultimately destroying a society in order to usher in the final solution – which on its surface might appear benevolent at its onset, but that in time develops into the type of tyranny that can ultimately lead to the genocide of large groups of people.

“If you look at communism and you see it as a parody of Christianity, which it sort of is, anarchism is sort of a parody of gnosticism,” Steve explains about these leftists systems that are deceiving many.

Stefan Molyneux’s full interview with Steve is available for viewing on YouTube.

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